Anthony Vo next season will see the real form. after adjusting

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Ready to release! Anthony, the offensive wing of the “Red Devils” army, reveals that he has already begun to adapt to life in England. Until making the form better Ready to announce that football fans can wait and see that Next season will definitely see the real form.

After the “Red Devils” Manchester United club giants of Premier League football. England has grabbed Brazilian attacking winger Anthony from Ajax Amsterdam, a famous UFABET club from the Dutch league. joined the army last summer But in the beginning, it seemed that the 23-year-old footballer could not show his form. Plus having problems living in the land of the aristocracy, especially in terms of unfamiliar languages


Subsequently, Anthony has adapted to the playing system of the Manchester United team, as well as continuously improving the game until becoming the main force of the team. made him more confident Most recently revealed to United Review magazine that “Now I feel like I’ve grown up. And can settle down to live in Manchester now.

“There are a few Brazilian players in the team, and Casemiro and I often hang out together. Find something to do often It made me familiar with the city. and love living here in the hope that they will be able to spend as long as possible here Which allows me to improve my playing better than when I just moved in. which is difficult But it came through sequentially.”

Anthony also said that Now that the form of play is improving, ask Red Army fans to wait and follow each other. Next season he will show his true form. This guarantees that it can help the team perform better than last season for sure.

For Anthony, a 23-year-old footballer, the attacking wing of the Manchester United team moved from Ajax Amsterdam, the famous team in the Dutch league, in 2022 for a fee of 82 million pounds, or about 3,600 Thai money. million baht by playing for the “Red Devils” team in the English Premier League 23 matches and scoring 4 goals