Atalanta footballers So confused! Got a yellow card after scoring a goal.

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I’m just happy! Ademola Lookman, the Nigerian striker even have to ask Judge what is wrong. After scoring a goal and pretending to be happy with glasses. Before being hit by the referee immediately issued a yellow card

Aftermath of Italian Serie A football. The latest match at Atalanta’s 2-2 draw with Udinese on Sunday, October 9 65 in this game. There was a problem in the minute. 36 Atalanta striker Ademola Lookman Scored a goal for the team to lead 1-0, which he showed joy with. Bring your thumb and forefinger to make a circular flirting gesture. As if wearing glasses before Daniele Duvery. The referee ran to immediately distribute the yellow card.

Atalanta footballers So confused! Got a yellow card after scoring a goal.

Ademola Lookman, Nigerian striker to the point of being confused. As a chicken with a broken eye because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. So went to ask the referee what he did wrong, but did not receive any answer, causing his teammates to come in and pull out Ademola Lookman because he seemed to be starting to get angry.

From such a rhythm, Gian Piero Gasperini, the coach of Atalanta. can only shake his head without yelling at the referee in any way Until the end of the UFABET game, both teams tied 2-2, Ademola Lookman posted on social media. It’s a picture of yourself doing a happy pose wearing glasses. with the message that “We can only always But have to look forward to the next game. and keep scoring goals.”

After the incident, there was no clarification from the referee. Including on the Atalanta side, there is no mention of anything, but it is still baffled by those who see the picture. where the rules are broken

Rule 12 of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) decision rules requires that players receive a yellow card during the celebration. If you take off your shirt Climb over a fence into a crowd, put on a mask, or act seductively or provocatively. But in the end, every event It also depends on the interpretation of each judge.