How to play dice games online

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How to play Hi-Lo game is an online dice game that uses 3 balls 6 faces in online play. The design is randomly shaken. Which we will have to choose to bet on Sic Bo within the time that the casino is set for about 30 seconds. Which we will see clearly with the prize. It is clearly visible with live dice online. Which allows gamblers to choose to bet according to their needs. With many different ways to bet on dice according to the following steps.

How to play dice games online
  • First, let the bettor log in to the system first. Then enter the betting website Choose the camp you want to play. Then select the topic Sic bo. Then choose the betting table that you want to bet on Sic Bo. Which can choose the betting room Sic Bo online at a minimum of 10 baht as well.
  • Once the Sic Bo betting room has been selected. Each round of games will have 30 seconds to place bets before the end of that game. Which can place bets in a variety of formats with different payout rates. If it matches our bet, it will receive money into the pocket.

If each betting round is over The dealer will Press and shake 3 dice, which we can see that there is no cheating or deception in any way, because we are UFABET has a 360-degree camera around the Hi-Lo online live broadcast that is clearly visible. When the dice stop shaking And will show the results on the page to see the points of the dice that came out in what form If it matches what we have placed can receive the prize money immediately The system will immediately debit your account.