Introducing popular Sic Bo betting formulas

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high and low

To use this technique in play Sic Bo. All you have to do is wait for some time. which must be observed in the statistics field. If there is a result that comes out the same for 2-3 consecutive eyes or more. You must prepare to bet in consecutive exit options. The likelihood of going out like this is very high, but you may earn less money than other options. But if you want more confidence From the test of shaking the dice Using 3 dice shake all dice 216 times.

Low: Has a record of 108 total draws, representing a low percentage of 50%. All drawn points range from 3 to 10.

High : Has a record of 81 out of 216 exits with a lower percentage. There are shaking points from 12 to 18.

Introducing popular Sic Bo betting formulas

thrust tod

for this technique will be a little more difficult Before placing a bet, you must first look at the statistics that have been issued. By having to observe the points in several eyes that were issued earlier Which points are released the most? Which score is the second? It may take 1-2 eyes to observe and immediately place bets on that number. Guarantee that you will get money back for sure. And it’s not free money as well.

2 pairs of tods

This technique is no different from the previous formula. It is to observe the statistics of the exit in several eyes in the past, approximately 1-2 eyes, then choose the number that comes out most often. And the numbers that are inferior are chosen 2 pairs, such as the numbers that are most often drawn, 3, followed by 5 and 4, by choosing 3-5, 3-4, 5-4 bets, ensuring that this UFABET formula will definitely make your members get a large sum of money.


Continuing from the previous technique This formula is for observing the numbers that come out frequently. from many eyes as well You will need to observe the numbers that come out frequently, about 1-2 eyes for confidence. After seeing the numbers that come out often Only 1 or 2 numbers must be selected. Then place bets immediately. Guarantee the opportunity to earn almost a hundred percent for sure.

4 rolls of money

This formula is suitable for investors. By dividing the money into 4 pieces, namely 100, 300, 200, 400, starting with 100 baht, but if it is bet 300 accordingly, when it is completed 2, then go back to bet again with 200, if it is bet 400, if it loses from the turn First 100 baht, next turn invest 300, if lose again, try bet 200, if you win, you will get 200 return, then bet 400 baht, if you get, you will pay back 200. For this formula, it can be a bit tricky. and also spend a lot of money But I can assure you that besides not being an easy loss, the opportunity to get your capital back is very fast.