Swan’s forehead! ‘Matip’ and ‘Trent’ take a break for 3 weeks

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Liverpool must find some time to make merit Because there are always problems coming in. Recently, Joel Matip and Trent Alexander-Arnold had to rest for about 3 weeks, behind Luis Diaz, who was injured earlier.

English Premier League side Liverpool have been hit with a massive injury problem with Joel Matip and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Two key players will be out for a few weeks. After picking up an injury in Sunday’s 3-2 defeat to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium past. 

Swan's forehead! 'Matip' and 'Trent' take a break for 3 weeks

Going out to defeat the cannons, causing damage to the Reds army. In addition to the scoreless match results back out. There were still several players injured. Previously,  Luis Diaz winged the Colombian national team. A knee injury will require 6-8 weeks to rest and will return after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Most recently, both Matip and Alexander-Arnold will be out for a few weeks. After suffering calf and ankle injuries respectively, prompting German boss Jurgen Klopp. Have to solve the problem by sending Ibrahima Konate to stand at the center back with Virgil van Dijk. As the last game that came down instead Cameroon defense.

As well as Joe Gomez will move to stand at right-back instead of Trent or send James Milner down to interrupt the army during the time of trouble at the moment . Andy Robertson and Curtis Jones was expected to Will restore fitness to help the UFABET team quickly. In addition, Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Artur Melo, who are on loan from Juventus, need time to rest. for a long time

For Liverpool , there is a program to visit Rangers in the UEFA Champions League group stage group A on Wednesday October 12, with a win 2, loss 1, with 6 points behind the crowd. While the league game has 10 points, placed 10th, with the next match preparing to open Anfield to welcome the visit of Manchester City on Sunday.