How to solve the problem of sticky floors after rubbing with nearby items

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Another problem with clothing that most people often encounter is Clothes are frayed, which makes your favorite clothes look old and you don’t dare wear them outside. Let’s find out the reasons why clothes are pilly. How to protect And how to remove lint from clothes according to the advice of Japanese people.

How to solve the problem of sticky floors after rubbing with nearby items

Reasons why clothes are pilly

Lint is caused by the surfaces of fabric rubbing against each other while being worn or washed. This causes the fuzzy fibers to bind together and form a small ball-like shape. Many people think that sweaters and knitwear are prone to pilling, but other types of clothing, such as sweatshirts and hoodies, actually do. It also flakes easily depending on how you wear it.

How to prevent clothes from fraying easily

1. Avoid wearing overlapping clothes.

When clothes are layered on top of each other, they cause the ทางเข้า ufabet clothes to rub against each other. which causes flaking and round pellets more easily If anyone has to work in an air-conditioned room Or if you live in a cold city, it’s hard to avoid layering clothes because the weather is so cold that you have to wear multiple layers of sweaters and a coat on top. To prevent pilling, choose a loose coat over your favorite sweater instead of a tight pullover.

2. Use fabric softener.

Using fabric softener after washing shirts will help reduce static electricity, thus reducing the problem of pilling on clothes.

3. Wash clothes by hand or use a laundry net when washing in a machine.

If the material from which the shirt is made is prone to pilling, it should be washed by hand. But if you don’t have time, turn the seam around and take out the inside of the shirt. Place in a mesh laundry bag. Use a laundry detergent that is gentle on fabric. Wash clothes with fiber preservation mode to reduce washing time and reduce friction. In addition, you should avoid drying clothes, which creates friction and easily damages the clothes.

How to remove lint and pellets from clothes

Even with great care and caution, the problem of threadbare clothes still occurs. Can remove lint and pellets on clothes as follows.

1. Use scissors to cut fluff from the fabric.

Can solve the problem of flaky shirts easily. The scissors are sharp and have thin blades. However, using scissors can be a bit time consuming because you have to cut them carefully one lint at a time.

2. Use a razor to shave hair or hair.

This method is quick and easy, just lay the garment flat on the surface. Pull the flaky area taut and use a razor to shave it off like you would when shaving. Be careful not to use a blunt razor as this can scratch and damage the fabric. Also, do not let the blade scrape too much against the fabric as this may damage the clothing.

3. Use a lint remover.

The method of using a fabric lint remover is simple, convenient, fast and does not damage the fabric. Just run the plucker back and forth until all the lint is gone. And loose lint is stored in a tray, making it easy to remove and throw away. But to avoid damaging the fabric, don’t press too hard on the lint remover. In Thailand, lint removers can be expensive, but in Japan you can buy lint removers for 100 yen from Daiso.

For favorite clothes that you want to keep and wear for a long time. Try using the above methods to prevent flaking. But if fluff occurs, you can use the fluff removal method according to your convenience and preference. To make your favorite clothes look new for a long time. Taking care of your clothes to last a long time not only saves money in your pocket but is also environmentally friendly.